Sunday, July 21, 2013

4 Month Birthday

I can't believe that we are already celebrating Elly's 4 month birthday! Time is flying by and she's growing into such a little girl. She is definitely coming into her personality and it's so much fun to watch.

Elly's Stats & Accomplishments
Weight: 12 pounds, 13 ounces 
(25%-50%; Dr. McMillan said she was on the border of the two)
Height: 25 1/2 inches (90%)

Three month recap:
Weight: 10 pounds, 9 ounces
Height: 24 inches

Attributes: Well we still have blue eyes (YAY!) but aren't sure what color hair we are going to end up with. It's getting a little darker and looks more brown inside. However when we go out in the sunlight, there is definitely a red tint. Hopefully we will begin to see a little more what the color will be soon! We haven't tried any shoes on again so not sure if we finally have some that fit. She does move those little feet so much that I think she will end up kicking them off. Also, she has sweaty feet! I mean those suckers stay sweaty almost all day and she has no socks or shoes on. Not a good trait for a girl ;-(. Hopefully this is something she will out grow as we found out that her cousin Lily also had sweaty feet.

Milestones: Elly is officially rolling over! Pretty much anytime she is put on her back she rolls straight over to her tummy. We are still a little unsure about going back the other direction but are making progress. She is still sitting fairly well we assist and sits like a little girl in her bumbo chair. She REALLY wants to be able to sit up when she is laying down, but we aren't quite there yet.....though it should be only a matter of time.
(For some reason the video's don't want to cooperate and upload so I will have to add those later).

She also LOVE to talk and sing....I wonder where she gets that from ;-). It's funny because some days she will talk and talk and talk. She even "sang" an entire Hunter Hayes song that was on the radio. She didn't stop through the whole song. I wish that was on video.

She has officially found her thumb and of course sucks on that but she sucks with an open hand, so I am hoping she doesn't officially become a thumb sucker.

Elly has also come to recognize technology. She will watch me type on the computer and watch her daddy on his phone. We downloaded 2 apps for the iPad for her (a letter/number one and an animal noise one) and she will touch the screen and move them around. Though we really didn't want to introduce this to her so early, she seems to really like it and we do limit the amount of time she plays with it (and obviously we are right there with her). She has also begun to enjoy watching some cartoons - from Sesame Street to My Little Pony. I think she likes them because of all the colors but she really seems to watch them intensely like she is trying to learn what they are saying or teaching.

Clothes: She is mainly in 3 month clothes but she can still wear some newborn ones, especially newborn dresses or separates. Because of her length, a lot of the newborn onesie style outfits are too little. She has worn a few 6 month onesie style outfits but they look big on her everywhere except the length.

Sleep schedule: This is still a challenge for us :-(! We start our day at 8 am (though sometimes she is awake around 7-7:30) and will go down for a long nap between 11-12. She usually wakes from that nap around 3 or so and will go to bed at 9pm. She takes mini 20-45 minute naps throughout the day but will not take another long nap. AND the only place I can get her to take that long nap is in the swing. We have tried just about everything that has been suggested or we can think up. So, I think we are now to the point to try things we have invented. She is definitely ready for bed at 9pm after her bath but sometimes she will sleep until 1-2 and then stir for her pacifier and eat at 3-4 or she will stir around 10:30-11 and will continue to wake every 1.5-2 hours throughout the night. I find that she tends to do this a little more often when she doesn't take that long 2.5-3 hour nap but it's not always the case. I tell Aaron that her little brain is going 90 to nothing thinking about all that she has to do and she just can't sleep. Maybe I just tell myself that to justify the constant stiring at 4 months but who knows. I sure hope that one day soon she will get with the flow and sleep through the night...for her sake.

My adorable "E" block from Uncle Jim, Aunt Liz and Trey (though you can't really see it)

Loving on my new Wubbanub from baby Trey

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Still recuperating from our trip

We are still recuperating from our trip to Orlando and trying to get back on a schedule so this week we were low key. Elly did get a few picture moments in as we played and laid low.

Elly also got to have lunch with Miss Mary and she brought Elly this ADORABLE lion, who Aaron affectionately named Lonnie. Elly will talk to Lonnie like he's a real person. I think it helps that when she is sitting next to her they are eye level. Thanks Miss Mary!

Elly also got to hang out with her Daddy, which is one of her favorite things to do. She cannot wait until football season starts so can watch football all day with him!
Working with my daddy! He is teaching me about spreadsheets. 

We also were able to finally make it out to visit Nanny. Elly talked up a storm to Nanny and enjoyed looking at all the pretty little things she had at her house.

July 4th

We had a great day celebrating the Fourth of July, even though it was raining outside. Elly enjoyed taking a few pictures at home and then we headed over to Becky and Bill's house (Ali's mom and step-dad's) for 4th of July festivities. It was great time with family and the food was delicious. Elly and Lily played together and we even had a photo session with them in their adorable patriotic outfits.

Thanks to all our servicemen, women and their families for continuing to protect our freedom!