Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Easter has come and gone. Elly had so much fun getting to search for Easter Eggs in Gramma Bea and Grandpa Bill's backyard with Cousin Lily. We can't wait to do again next year!

Seeing her Easter basket for the first time

She LOVED playing with the eggs in her basket, even though their was nothing in them.

She thought she was such a BIG girls carrying her basket around the house.

Searching for all the eggs

Cousin Lily being so sweet and helping Elly look for eggs

"I got this"

"Yum! Plastic eggs taste so good"

Sweet Lily helping Elly pick up her eggs after she dumped her basket over

Dada helping Elly get an egg out the tree

So we wanted to get a picture of the girls, but Elly would sit still long enough

Happy Easter!
From the Fingars

A little late.........

OK so I am a bit behind on blog post, again. One of these days I am going to get in a better routine of posting entries.

So as previously mentioned in Elly's 1st birthday blog post, we did her first birthday pictures the first part of April. I have had these pictures for awhile, posted some of Facebook and actually got around to ordering some larger prints for our bare walls! Elizabeth Pettey Photography did such an amazing job (anyone in the Birmingham area need a photographer for their family, check Elizabeth out)! Elizabeth is a former student of mine from Birmingham-Southern College and she is just amazing with children! (You might remember her name from our Christmas photo shoot with Brittany Arias of Be Love Photography. Brittany loves to do weddings and Elizabeth loves kids and families)!!.

So without further to do, here are some of my favorites! All pictures were taken at our house and I would have never thought to use some of these locations (Thanks for the ideas Elizabeth). It was such a beautiful day and I could not have asked for better pictures or for Elly to have cooperated any better!

Birthday Pictures
 Elly wore her #1 onesie and polka dot leggings. She wasn't really keen on keeping her birthday hat or her bow on so George wore it for a few of the pictures. She enjoyed getting to sit on the dining room table and eat her cupcake!

Easter Pictures
So another "outfit" change was for Elly to wear her Easter dress that Aunt Ali and Uncle Justin gave Elly. Cousin Lily has one to match! Elly had so much fun playing with the eggs and playing on the front porch! I absolutely LOVE all these pictures, especially those in color as Elly's eyes are so blue! She turned into quite the diva when we stripped her down to just her boomers in making sure she was posing for the camera.

Flower Girl
So another one of Elly's outfit changes was to take a few more pictures in her flower girl dress from Aunt Angela and Uncle Eric's Wedding. These were taken in our backyard and Elizabeth found some beautiful flowers from one of the trees to sprinkle all over the ground. The rocking chair that Elly is sitting in was my rocking chair as a child. I am so glad that we were able to use the rocking chair. Now to get Aaron to stain it and make it in a little better shape. 

Lace Sweetie
So of course I had to get a little lace romper to take a few pictures in. She was getting a bit tired at this point but Elizabeth was able to capture quite a few adorable pictures and even got one with her beloved lion, Lonnie from Mrs. Mary. 

Thanks again for a great photo shoot Elizabeth! Can't wait for the next time.