Wednesday, February 19, 2014

11 months

Elly's Stats & Accomplishments
19 pounds, 5 ounces (home scale- didn't change from last month on the home scale)
28.5 inches
 10 month recap
Weight: 19 pounds, 5ounces
Length: 28 inches

Attributes:Her hair is getting thicker and longer. It's still quite light and seems to look more light brown. However, in some light it still has a beautiful red tint to it. Her eyes are still bright blue and I am LOVING it!

Milestone: Elly has taken a few steps by herself but then sits down. She is SUPER strong and loves to pick up and lift just about any and everything. She has gotten really good at balancing and standing at the same time. Her favorite these days is to pick up my laptop - yes the laptop and act like a super big girl.

Elly still loves to push her lion push toy and will even push her table (I think that she thinks it's on wheels too). She has gotten pretty good in her walker moving around outside. The other day we were enjoying the beautiful weather and she kept pushing herself in a circle. Silly girl. 


She has gotten pretty good at walking as long as you are holding at least 1 hand. Elly likes to see what's going on around her so she tends to get a bit preoccupied with that verses paying attention to wheres he is walking. She has also gotten extremely interested in how things work. From clipping her in her car seat or high chair looking at her sound me. We have FINALLY started to get 2 little teeth! YAY! They are not completely in yet but you can see them pushing through smack dab in the center on the bottom. The two of them are coming in simultaneously.

Clothes: This one still varies greatly! She ranges from 3 months to 12 months. It really depends on what the outfit is. We have finally started to wear some shoes and have lucked out in finding some that work for her little narrow foot. She will wear a shoe size 2 and we are starting to need a 3, but they have to be shoes that have the Velcro all the way across so we can make them tighter on her foot. Otherwise when she starts walking, they just fall off. We are in #3 diapers and will be for a while, unless she hits a major weight gain anytime soon.
Eating:  This hasn't changed a whole lot. She is still not a big eater and would rather eat snacks or our food. We keep trying new "adult" food like green beans, potatoes, french fries, bread, etc but it is really hit or miss and depends on her mood. I think if she thinks she is eating something of mommy and daddy's then she will try it but if you just give it to her, she could care less. I am hoping that she will not always be this picky eater but we shall see. 
Sleep Schedule: Not too much has changed here either. Elly is definitely a child of routine and that seems to be the best thing for her! She has been taking her long nap in her bed and some days she will play in there over an hour, cry a little then fall asleep. There is no rhyme or reason to it but I am just glad when she takes a nap as she always wakes up much happier. She is still ready for bed around 7:15-7:30 and definitely let's us know if she is tired and ready earlier. Aaron and I are very grateful that for the most part she will sleep through the night until about 6:45-7:00 in the morning. We have had a few instances that she has woke up crying this past month or woke up at 5:00 but they have been few and far in between. Grateful to finally get to sleep through the night!

The weather has been pretty cold, snowy, icy and nasty. Aaron ended up having to walk about 3 miles home when we were hit early with snow that completely shut down the city. I was definitely glad that I work from home as Elly and I were safe in our warm house. Elly didn't get any snow pictures of herself but here are a few of our deck and front yard. Didn't really capture the essence of what was going on outside either of our snow times but I guess it's better than nothing. 

We celebrated Valentines Day and Gram Lene sent the cutest shirt and yummy cookies for us to eat! Thank goodness that she sent so many cookies as I had come down with the flu and walking pneumonia so we were able to use a few of the cookies as Valentine's happies for Elly's teachers. I am sure they appreciated me not touching or baking anything. 

Thanks for the YUMMY cookies Gram Lene!

Gram Lene's yummy cookies turned into Elly's Valentine happies

"Kisses 25 cents" Ellyson's college fund starting early
The weather finally decided to warm up and become much nicer so Aaron and I took Elly to the park for a little bit. She LOVES to swing and even got to slide a little bit. We are looking forward to the weather staying warm and getting to play more often. 

Here's to another great month of fun with this little munchkin. Looking forward to the fun to come!

Oh the Places we Shall Go!

We have been a pretty busy family this past few weeks with lots of traveling. It's been fun but we are glad that we get to stay home for a few weeks before things get crazy busy again in March.

At the end of January, we took a trip down to Louisiana for Aunt Angela's bridal shower. Renee Ruello, met us in Birmingham and rode down with us. Elly and I were extremely grateful that she was with us as we hit some crazy weather in Hattiesburg - yucky ice and sleet - and Renee was great at getting us safely to New Orleans.

Play with Gram Lene at Uncle Eric and Aunt Angela's house

While we were down, Uncle Mike (Ivicevich) came to visit and play with Elly for a little bit. They had a blast and Elly enjoyed getting to take a selfie with Uncle Mike!

Making funny faces with Uncle Mike

Loving selfies on Uncle Mike's phone
 Sunday was the day of the bridal shower! We had so much fun getting to celebrate with Angela and visit with lots of family.

Bridal Party and Aunts

Matron of Honor and Flower Girl with the Bride to be!

Elly enjoyed playing with Brooklyn at the party

 The following weekend, Elly and I traveled to Peachtree City as I had a weekend workshop for Phi Mu. Angela was off work on Friday so she flew to Atlanta and watched Elly while I was in my training. I know that Elly enjoyed getting to spend some quality time with Angela and visit with all the Phi Mu's that she hears so much on on the phone!

Hanging with Aunt Angela at the HQ!

Aunt Angela and Mom by the Phi Mu crest

It was a great few weeks traveling and getting to see lots of family and friends. We can't wait until our next trip and hopefully can visit with more friends that we weren't able to meet up with. Looking forward to the wedding festivities in a few weeks and celebrating Elly's first birthday. Man time is sure flying by.