Friday, May 31, 2013

Memorial Day weekend

With the gorgeous weather that we had the last few days, we were super excited that it fell on a long weekend. We started the weekend off at the zoo with Cousin Lily to see the dinosaur exhibit. Aaron joined us in the adventure and we really had a great time seeing the animals and enjoying the nice sunshine and somewhat cooler weather.
Elly and the dinosaur
Daddy and Elly checking out the Dino Den

Lily and Elly really liked the interactive dinosaur exhibit

Sweet cousins!

Mommy and Elly 

Once we got home, Elly was pretty tired. We actually got her to take a little nap in her didn't last too long but it was a start. 

Laying on the wedge with Lucy, her blankee 
She is really liking to have Lucy close to her face when she sleeps. We obviously don't do that at night but during naps, Lucy is there. 

Elly also enjoyed some tummy time during the weekend. She is getting really good at holding her head up. She has even tried to "sit up" when she is propped on the boppy or the couch. It's too cute as she lifts her head to try to make herself look like a big girl. 

We also got to celebrate Lily Kate's 5th birthday this weekend. We had a blast with Aaron' s family and Lily was super excited at all her presents and getting to spend more time with Elly. She LOVES her cousin!
Dressed and ready for the Par-Tay

The birthday girl.....and Elly right by her side. 

Being a helpful cousin and making sure Elly doesn't fall down
Looking forward to seeing what these two get into in the years to come!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Visiting the ENT

As mentioned in a previous post, we were referred to an ENT to have them check on Elly's breathing. Well on Wednesday we went to Children's Hospital to see Dr. Smith at Pediatric ENT Associates. We are extremely lucky to live in a town with a Children's Hospital who can provide excellent care and diagnosis. Our visit went well and after they put a scope down Elly's nose to see what was going on, they diagnosed her with Laryngomalacia (or malacia for short). This is present from birth and is the most common abnormality of the larynx (voice box). Infants with laryngomalacia have a noisy breathing called stridor and is usually outgrown by 12 to 18 months. We are glad that we were able to find out what was the cause of the breathing issues. Dr. Smith recommended to try to put her on her side when she sleeps and to keep a close eye on her to make sure she doesn't turn blue or stop breathing for long periods of time as well as putting a sleep wedge in her crib could help (now we just need to get her to sleep in the crib). He also was able to determine that she does have slight reflux and but at this point it doesn't seem bad enough for her to go on medicine. We go back in 3 months and will have everything looked at again. Hopefully as she gets older things will get better as if they get worse, surgery will need to be looked into.

Mother's Day and Elly's Christening

Mother's Day started a little early as we were planning to head to Louisiana on Saturday. So Friday night I ran to get a spray tan (was tired of looking at my pale white self and this gave me a good excuse to get one). When I got back home I was surprised with my Mother's Day presents. Elly was holding my card from her and gave me a great present - giftcard to get a massage (My favorite!). I also got an awesome present from Aaron....a new camera. I had been asking for a better camera so I could take better pictures of Elly. Aaron isn't one for pictures so I thought I would end up pestering him about getting one to document Elly's adventures or buying it myself. To my surprise he did awesome in picking one out. The Sony Cyber-shot HX300 is awesome! I am still learning all about it and all the features - not only does it take awesome pictures but it's a video camera too. I can't wait to take tons and tons of pictures. Our trip to Louisiana was perfect to test it out as I knew that lots of pictures would be taken at all the events!

On Sunday, we went to First United Methodist Church of Slidell to have Elly christened. What an awesome way to spend Mother's Day......having Ellyson's christened at the same church that I was christened at as well as the same church that my parents were married and both sets of grandparents have been attending for over 50 years. It was such a special time for us and having our whole family present made it even more special.

Some of the people that were there to share in Elly's special day
During the christening, we had Elly's grandparents stand with us as the Methodist church typically does not have God parents. We were lucky in that Elly's Hen (Aaron's mom) made the trip to Louisiana to share in the special day with us. 

Pops and Gram Lene

Elly with all the grandparents

Elly and Hen
One thing that made this christening extra special is the dress that Elly wore. Her christening dress was made from Gram Lene's wedding dress from when she married my dad over 35 years ago in the same church. Though my parents are no longer married, it was extra special to have Elly's dress made from the wedding dress. A special thanks for Aunt Debbi for getting it made for us. 

Elly also got an awesome bonnet from Mrs. Martha, Gram Lene's best friend, that she wore during the ceremony. This bonnet is made from a handkerchief and is something that she will also use on her wedding day as it can be wrapped around her bouquet. What a special and unique gift! Thanks again Mrs. Martha!

Elly in her dress and matching bonnet

Elly in the bonnet that she wore during the christening from Mrs. Martha.
The back of Elly's dress
Elly with her first piece of jewelry from Gram Lene (though by the end of the day she had 3 bracelets and 1 necklace)!
Bonnet from Miss Martha
The card that goes along with the bonnet from Miss Martha that talks about the handkerchief. 

We definitely have a few stories to tell Elly about her christening as she decided she really needed to go to the potty and make a dirty diaper, and she sure did.......straight out her diaper and on her dress :-(

The inside of her dress.....

The little spot you could see on the back

She also decided to spit up a bit on the minister as he walked around the sanctuary showing Elly to the congregation. Good thing the stole on his robe was white.

We also got to spend some time visiting Maw Maw Garrett (Elly's other great grandmother) as she wasn't feeling well to attend the ceremony.

Elly with Maw Maw Garrett 
Elly talking and laughing with Pops

Pops, Mommy and Elly

We really had a great visit to Louisiana and are so blessed to have such an awesome family that was there to share in our joy. Here are a few more pictures from the Mother's Day!
4 Generations 

Angela and I

Lexy, Angela and I

With Hen - this was the only picture we got and Aaron's eyes are's usually one of us  ;-(

Aunt Chrissy, Gram Lene, Elly and I

It's so tuff getting held by everyone! Big yawns with Aunt Bubby

My cute little family!

All our great family that enjoyed this special Mother's Day

Granny Vi with all her grandchildren

Ms. Paula, Ms. Joyce, Hen and Elly - the crew from Birmingham

Friday, May 17, 2013

First Trip to Louisiana

We had our first family trip during Mother's Day weekend to Louisiana. We headed down to celebrate Angela and Eric's engagement as well as have Elly's christening (more on that in a later post). We flew out Saturday morning and came back on Monday. I was a little nervous about the flight and making sure it all went smoothly but everything went great! We flew Southwest and lucked out that our flight wasn't full so they let us take Elly's car seat on-board. She was able to sit in her own seat during the flight verses mommy having to hold her. Elly actually slept on and off from the time we left our house until we got to Angela and Eric's was 5 hours between her feeding at home and getting to Angela's. She didn't sleep quite as long going home but was excellent on the flight. So grateful to have a good traveler as we prepare for our trip to Orlando in June.

Elly's very own boarding pass

On our way!
In her very own seat. Such a big girl.
Once we got to Louisiana, we had enough time to get cleaned up and grab a bite to eat before we headed to Angela and Eric's engagement party. It was so great to see the whole family as Aunt Suzanne, Charlie, Lucas and Lexy were all in town from Austin, Texas, to celebrate. Lots of fun and excitement and we can't wait for the big day next March!
The Happy Couple
The Cousins - Rebecca, Angela and me


Bride to be with her matron of honor :-)

Me, Angela and Christian
Elly talking to Gram Lene

Aunt Chrissy and Elly

Elly finally got to meet Aunt Renee! Looking forward to seeing her more in the coming year

GG Vi, Elly's great grandmother

Cousin Lexy and Lucas

Hanging with Cousin Charlie!
GG Vi's grandchildren

The wedding party
The girls!

Elly with Gram Lene

Aunt Angela, Aunt Bubby and Uncle Ray

We had such a great time while we were in Louisiana! Looking forward to our next trip back to Louisiana and all the fun wedding stuff ahead.