Thursday, May 16, 2013

2 months old!

Happy 2 month birthday!

Getting such a great personality!

Monthly Check up with Dr. McMillan
We had our 2 month check up with Dr. McMillan, Elly's pediatrician. All looked good and Dr. McMillan was impressed with her progress so far. We also had our first round of vaccinations - DTaP #1, Hib#1, Prevnar #1, IPV #1 and Rotarix #1. Elly did extremely well and only cried for a little bit right after the shots. For the most part she has slept most of the day and got back to her usual self after a good nap. She did run a slight fever but nothing too big. 

Poor pitiful baby after her shots. Just needed some mommy loving and a good nap

During our appointment, Elly had her umbilical cord cauterized with silver nitrate as she had umbilical cord granulana - where there is a beefy red area in the middle of the belly button and a greenish/yellow discharge comes from this area. This is somewhat common in infants and hopefully the silver nitrate will do the trick and seal it up tight. If not, we will need to go back for another round of nitrate. 

Also during the visit, Dr. McMillan was able to listen to a video that I had done of Elly breathing. She tends to wheeze a bit (but not necessarily like asthma) but doesn't have a specific movement/position that causes it. It's very difficult to describe as I had mentioned it to the doctor at her 1 month visit but didn't have an example. After listening to the video, she said it sounded like the flaps in her lungs don't open all the way sometimes. She is sending us to an ENT to have it checked out so hopefully in the next few weeks we will know a little more of what is going on and if there is anything that we can do to stop the sporadic wheezing breathing. 

Elly's Stats & Accomplishments
Weight: 9 pounds, 13 ounces
Height: 23 inches
She is still in the 75% for height and 25% for weight
One month recap:
Weight: 8 pounds
Height: 21 inches
Attributes: I still think I am going to get my little red head, though I think it's going to be a subtle red - mainly in the sun or when she wears a certain shade of pink. We still have blue eyes and I think those are here to stay. She has been smiling a lot more here lately and we are even getting her to smile on cue or when we play with her feet. 
Milestones: We have still be doing tummy time and she is holding her head up quite well. She is definitely curious about things and looks around all the time. She is recognizing voices and following people more with her eyes. It's fun to see how much she has changed over the last few weeks in coming not only into her personality but also making the next step in recognizing things. She has found her hands and follows them around when she moves them in front of her face. She also is enjoying sucking on her hand...not a finger, but the hand. Elly has also started to coo more. There are times that you can tell she really wants to tell you something and just starts cooing and cooing. I wish I knew what she was saying!

Love sucking on my whole hand!

Clothes: Elly is still wearing newborn clothes, though we have progressed to wearing some 3 month clothes. Other 3 months are too big and we even have 1 or 2 newborn outfits that are too big. She has graduated to the 3 month onesies though as the newborn ones are too small. Of course for the most part she has to have a bow or something in her hair/on her head. Sometimes I go a bit overboard but they are so darn cute I can't help myself. I also don't realize how big some of them are until they are on her head.

Sleep Schedule: This is still a work in progress. However for the most part she sleeps about at 4-5 hour stint and then a 3 hour stint from the last feeding at night. She takes naps on and off during the day with long naps only occurring in her swing. She isn't really sleeping in her monkey bouncer as much anymore (if she does it's only for 20 - 30 minutes). She moves so much that she is waking herself up so we are still having to put her in a swaddle blanket. In the next few weeks we are going to try to transition her to her crib as I think we are really getting to the point that she needs more space. She is still moving herself to the bottom of her bassinet and turning herself sideways. 

We have been busy the last week or so with a trip to Louisiana and Elly's christening. More post to come on those two things. It's been so much fun to see how much Elly has changed over the last month, but especially the last week or so. I can't wait for her personality to develop even more and we start seeing the true Elly come out. 

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  1. She is getting SO big!! I'm loving all this sweet pink! Although her Uncle Jim thinks you need to lay off the headbands ;)