Thursday, May 9, 2013

Elly is steadily growing and starting to really develop her personality. She is still working on her schedule and likes to take some of her naps with daddy. We have also started to give her a bath on a regular basis and she really likes it. Though we haven't busted out the big baby bath tub and shower, we did purchase one to go in the sink to not have Aaron and I try to hold and bath her.

Such a cute little smile! 

Daddy's little clone

Taking a nap with Daddy!
Tuckered out from talking on the phone so much!

Mom - no pictures while I am in the bathtub

Loves daddy bathing me!

Elly has also started to "talk" and laugh a little more. It's so cute to hear that little laugh.

Elly has been busy working on holding her head up and having tummy time. Though this picture isn't the best, she is getting really good at holding up her head and looking around. She is a very inquisitive child.

She has getting longer and longer and I think pretty soon we will need to move her into her own bed (which might be a good thing for mom and dad as the girl is loud when she sleeps ;-)). We did graduate her to the next size swaddle blanket. She likes it for the most part though she has moved her arms so much that she has bunched through the head hole a few times or out the side. Again, the girl doesn't stop!

Punched my arm out of the head hole

Still likes to sleep sideways in the bed

All stretched out!

We also got to celebrate Margaret's birthday on Sunday. Elly loved all the attention from the family AND all the people at the party. She's looking forwarded to going to another party.

Happy Birthday Margaret

This next week and weekend are going to be quite busy. We will travel to Louisiana for Mother's Day and Elly's christening as well as celebrate Eric and Angela's engagement. Then it's our 2 month birthday and our first round of shots. Going to be lots of fun with family and friends!

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