Friday, May 17, 2013

First Trip to Louisiana

We had our first family trip during Mother's Day weekend to Louisiana. We headed down to celebrate Angela and Eric's engagement as well as have Elly's christening (more on that in a later post). We flew out Saturday morning and came back on Monday. I was a little nervous about the flight and making sure it all went smoothly but everything went great! We flew Southwest and lucked out that our flight wasn't full so they let us take Elly's car seat on-board. She was able to sit in her own seat during the flight verses mommy having to hold her. Elly actually slept on and off from the time we left our house until we got to Angela and Eric's was 5 hours between her feeding at home and getting to Angela's. She didn't sleep quite as long going home but was excellent on the flight. So grateful to have a good traveler as we prepare for our trip to Orlando in June.

Elly's very own boarding pass

On our way!
In her very own seat. Such a big girl.
Once we got to Louisiana, we had enough time to get cleaned up and grab a bite to eat before we headed to Angela and Eric's engagement party. It was so great to see the whole family as Aunt Suzanne, Charlie, Lucas and Lexy were all in town from Austin, Texas, to celebrate. Lots of fun and excitement and we can't wait for the big day next March!
The Happy Couple
The Cousins - Rebecca, Angela and me


Bride to be with her matron of honor :-)

Me, Angela and Christian
Elly talking to Gram Lene

Aunt Chrissy and Elly

Elly finally got to meet Aunt Renee! Looking forward to seeing her more in the coming year

GG Vi, Elly's great grandmother

Cousin Lexy and Lucas

Hanging with Cousin Charlie!
GG Vi's grandchildren

The wedding party
The girls!

Elly with Gram Lene

Aunt Angela, Aunt Bubby and Uncle Ray

We had such a great time while we were in Louisiana! Looking forward to our next trip back to Louisiana and all the fun wedding stuff ahead.

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  1. Beautiful pictures and M, you look amazing!! :)