Monday, June 16, 2014

15 Months!

Well I have finally posted an update on time for a change! It has been quite busy the last few weeks. So here is what Little Miss Priss has been up to.

Weight - 21.5 pounds
Height - 30.8 inches
12 month recap
weight - 20 pounds, 1 ounce
height - 29.8 inches

We definitely have a long and lean little girl. Both are in the 50th percentile according to her pediatrician. She is still wearing anything from 6 months to 18 months. I really depends on the outfit. I refuse to purchase anymore 9 month pants/shorts so some of her shorts are a little big as she isn't quite ready for the 12 months in some brands. She has been wearing more summer bubble outfits which tend to be 18 months. We are in a shoe size 2 or 3 and still a number 3 diaper.

Elly has FINALLY begun to eat more adult food. She will eat rice and just think week she has decided she does in fact like cheese sandwiches (Thank goodness as her Mother's Day Out for the summer doesn't let any peanut products so we were going to have to figure something out since she couldn't take her peanut butter crackers). Elly has also fallen in love with pancakes as well and bananas and strawberries. She is still not a big fan of mashed potatoes or any meat products. She would even prefer baby food peas and green beans over the real thing! EWE! She loves drinking water or juice out of her cup, milk not so much. We are working on getting her off her bottle but at this point, she tells us when she doesn't want it and since she still only has 2 teeth (yes that's right, just 2) I am not pushing it with her. She does use her spoon and fork and we are seeing that she does better when they are in her left hand. We are continuing to work on this as she isn't always the best at keeping the spoon straight when it goes to her mouth.

Yummy banana!

Eating rice like a big girl
Her sleep schedule has gotten much better. For the most part she does a long nap anywhere from 2-3 hours usually around 12 or 1 and then will go down for the evening by 7:30pm and will wake around 6:30-6:45am. Sometimes she takes a 30 minute nap or so in the morning but those are usually hit or miss. 
We also started swimming lessons this summer at the Y while Elly has been in between Mother's Day Out programs (she starts a summer program on the 17th). We had fun in our parent and child class and Elly really too to the water. She was way more interested in watching the other kids in their swimming lessons more than she was in paying attention to what she was doing. By the end of the classes, she had learned to kick, splash, "jump" off the side - but most of the time sat on the interior ledge and leaned in, and attempted to blow bubbles. Her favorite thing though was licking the water :-). 

Dressed and ready to go swimming in my Yellow Polka Dot Bikini


Standing in the Kiddie pool

Sun bathing beauty

Elly is definitely non stop! Her latest is her pure enjoyment of climbing on things, especially the coffee table. She has gotten in more trouble than I can even explain for the amount of times that she has crawled on the coffee table, played with a toy, laid back and then she talks back to me when I tell her to get down! She has also started running back and forth on the couch and thinks its the funniest thing. I think my hands are going to be full for sure with this little one. 
(I have to figure out what is going on as I cannot get any of the videos to upload. I am going to work on it and see what's going on. There might be a post of nothing but videos to come soon!)

She also decided to climb on her play table and sit in the center. I was in the kitchen washing some dishes and I heard her making a grunting noise. I thought she wanted her purse opened to get her comb out but when I came around the corner, this is what I found. She was upset that her pacifier was stuck in the alligator's mouth. Needless to say, the play table has been moved downstairs to her play area.

She also likes climbing up in her rocking chair in her room. I get a bit nervous that this isn't going to back off the chair the right way so we end up having to keep her door closed most of the time. As soon as she knows the door is open, she is off to climb up in the chair. Almost every time we go in there to see about her, she has her book in her hand and is "reading". 

Elly is still obsessed with Wheel of Fortune. She now "talks" to the TV when it comes on and will clap for the contestant when they get the puzzle correct. She also enjoys watching Peg + Cat, Dinosaur Train, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and Sid the Science Kid. It's funny to watch her get excited about the show or dance to the music. She also caught the cartoon of Curious George one morning and was so surprised to see "George" on the TV. It was priceless.

We have had a blast enjoying the weather at the beginning of the month and getting play outside on Elly's slide. She is still not sure about it (which is odd because she loves to slide at the park). Hopefully we will get out there and play a bit more as long as the weather doesn't get too miserable. 

Staying hydrated in the heat!
To round out the last few weeks, Gram Lene and Auntie Chrissy came for a visit to celebrate Gram Lene's birthday. We celebrated Father's Day with breakfast at IHOP (one of Aaron's favorite breakfast places). And Elly and Mommy have been having fun and hanging out - taking a few pictures now and then. 

Happy Birthday Gram Lene!

They both were so thrilled to take a Father's Day picture for me
Elly is starting her summer Mother's Day Out program for 6 weeks, Gram Lene and Auntie Chrissy will be back to play with Elly for a few days while I go to Phi Mu Convention  and Aaron and I will celebrate our 5 year anniversary. We have a busy next few weeks but looking forward to making more memories as a family.