Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Easter has come and gone. Elly had so much fun getting to search for Easter Eggs in Gramma Bea and Grandpa Bill's backyard with Cousin Lily. We can't wait to do again next year!

Seeing her Easter basket for the first time

She LOVED playing with the eggs in her basket, even though their was nothing in them.

She thought she was such a BIG girls carrying her basket around the house.

Searching for all the eggs

Cousin Lily being so sweet and helping Elly look for eggs

"I got this"

"Yum! Plastic eggs taste so good"

Sweet Lily helping Elly pick up her eggs after she dumped her basket over

Dada helping Elly get an egg out the tree

So we wanted to get a picture of the girls, but Elly would sit still long enough

Happy Easter!
From the Fingars

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