Sunday, September 29, 2013

6 Month Update

I can't believe that we are already 1/2 way to celebrating 1 year with Elly. My time flies when you are having fun! She is getting to be such a big girl and really coming into her own personality.

Elly's Stats & Accomplishments
15 pounds, 11.5 ouces
26 1/2 inches
Five month recap:
Weight: 14 pounds, 7ounces
Height: 261/2 inches

Attributes: She is finally getting a little more hair. Still not sure what color we are going to end up with put when we ware in the sunshine, I definitely see some red!

Milestones: Elly has mastered crawling. She is off and before you know it she has gone around the corner or is digging somewhere that she shouldn't. She is also liking to feed herself. She will grab the spook (with her left hand mind you ;-)) and then puts it in her mouth. She hasn't quite figured out about putting the spoon back in the bowl. Elly is still talking up a storm and she is REALLY liking to spit these days. She thinks it's funny, go figure. 

Clothes: I think that we can FINALLY retire some of her newborn clothes. She is still wearing some 3 months but those are mainly the dresses and some bottoms that are 3-6 months. We are definitely in the 6 month onesie's with a few 9 month ones.  We finally have 1 or 2 pairs of shoes that fit but for the most part they are either too wide or still to big in length. Hopefully we can find some to fit soon with the weather getting cooler. 

Eating: Elly LOVES to eat! She eats rice cereal and fruit in the morning around 8am and then has rice cereal and a vegetable for dinner around 6pm. For the most part she really likes everything. We have tried bananas again and she seems to like them this time. I haven't tried the carrots again to see if she has a reaction but plan to do so sometime this month. We are introducing a different rice cereal (rice cereal with bananas and apples) this month for breakfast so we shall see what she thinks as well as will begin to give her  a sippy cup with water or a little juice. We did figure out that she does not like to eat if her head/back is not fully supported. So eating in the high chair at home or her stroller works well but sitting in the bumbo seat or a restaurant high chair isn't the best for feeding. She's too noisy and keeps looking around verses eating her food. Still no teeth though ;-).

Sleep schedule: This is still a work in progress but I am hoping that we might finally be on the up and up as the last few nights she has only gotten up twice. She has been going down for a morning nap around 8:30-9:30 and varies between 30 minutes to an hour. She really likes to take these naps in Aaron and I's bed still. We are still taking a long nap for the most part between 12-3 but since she is at Mother's Day Out 2 days a week she doesn't go down until 1:30. Elly will take another short nap 15-30 minutes between 4:30-5:00 and then we are usually giving bedtime bottle by 8:15pm after her bath. This month we will be letting her self soothe and hopefully can eventually move away from her swaddle blanket (though we still keep her hands out so it's just her tummy and feet inside). Fingers crossed and extra prayers that she figures this all out as I think that Aaron and I are a little worn out with getting up with her throughout the night. 

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