Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Happy Halloween!

I am not a huge Halloween fan, personally, but I LOVE little kids that get dressed up! I had initially had purchased a monkey outfit for Ellyson since we were in the year of the monkey (since her birthday theme was monkeys). However, the costume was WAY too big so we were back to the drawing board. After looking a a bunch of places, we found a little ladybug costume and Big Les got it for her, and it definitely got it's wear out of it. With 2 school parties and trick or treating, Elly had a blast!

Ready to go trick or treating with Cousin Lily

Ready for her school party

We went trick or treating in Hen's neighborhood with Lily, Uncle Justin and Aunt Ali. I wasn't sure how Elly would do trick or treating but she walked right up to the houses, knocked on the door and in some case, walked right in. She was ready to make herself at home. As we went door to door, she got more comfortable with what she needed to do. When they let her take her own candy, she would take one piece, put it in her basket and then walk away. She even handed some candy out at Hen and Grampy's house when we got back home. Overall it was a great night of trick or treating. I can't wait to see what she does next year......when she is the monkey!

Ready to go Trick or Treating with Daddy

Lily Kate showing Elly how it's done

Sure I will come in the house and make myself at home

Taking her own candy

Reading her Halloween card from Gram Lene and Auntie Chrissy before we left to go Trick or Treating

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