Sunday, August 11, 2013

First Road Trip

Well we had our first road trip to Louisiana. Elly and I took the trip by ourselves and she did great. We decided to split the trip up and go to Brandon first to see Pops and then make our way down to Louisiana. Elly enjoyed getting to see everyone and take baths in multiple peoples sinks ;-).

Taking a bath in Pop's sink

Playing with Maw Maw Garrett on the floor!

Once we made it too Louisiana we stayed one night with Uncle Eric and Aunt Angela. We realized that we didn't have any pictures with Uncle Eric so we made sure to get one or two this time ;-).

Hang with Uncle Eric

I LOVE my aunt and uncle!!
Elly even got to finally meet Uncle Mike. He made a special trip over just to see me for a few minutes. I might have been a little tired and just finished making a mess with my cereal but I still had fun playing!

While in Louisiana we also got to stay with Gram Lene and Auntie Chrissy. It was so much fun and I appreciated Gram Lene taking the night shift both nights!
LOVE My Auntie Chrissy

Taking my bath and Gram Lene's sink ;-)

Loving my snuggles!

Our last big event while on our trip was going to a bridal tea for Aunt Angela's and Uncle Eric's wedding. Elly was a doll and so sweet! We all can't wait for the big day.
The family - Elly was sleeping :-(

The bride and her bridesmaids

Mommy and Elly

The girls!

Elly and the bride!

Elly and her Gram Lene
Now it's time to figure out a trip to Texas. So many people Elly still needs to meet!

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