Friday, November 22, 2013

8 months!

Elly's Stats & Accomplishments
17pounds, 11 ounces
27 1/2 inches (mommy measuring)
  Seven month recap (All mommy stats):
Weight: 16 pounds
27 inches
Such a big girl!

Attributes: She still has nice blue eyes. I am hoping that these don't change. Her hair is growing, slowly but surely. Aaron likes to give her a Mohawk after her bath every night. Still not sure what color it's going to be as it changes depending on what she is wearing or the light she is in. I definitely think their will be red somewhere in there. 

Aaron Junior!

Milestones: She still LOVES to bounce in her bouncy seat or jump up and down. I swear this child never stops moving! She is crawling all over the place and pulling up on any and everything. Elly has started to walk around the coffee table or down the couch and has even gotten a little ambitious and let go of what she was holding on to. We are still waiting on some teeth to pop up.....any day now....fingers crossed. Elly has also been talking ALOT more. She says mamamama and dadadada. She will look at Aaron and I when we say where is mama and dada but she hasn't quite connected it to saying it and finding us yet.
Standing in her chair

 (I know the bouncey video posted twice. It would not delete one of them!)

We have been having some great weather so we where able to meet up with cousin Lily at the park. Elly had so much fun playing with Lily, swinging and getting to go down the slide. We hope to get to do it again soon if the weather is nice again. 
Elly and Lily

OK, I'll give you a hug ;-)

Sharing a pretty leaf

Elly LOVED the slide!

Clothes: Elly is all over the place with the clothes. She can still wear newborn dresses but needs 9 - 12 month onesie. The pants really depend on what kind they are and the style. Those range from 3 months to 12 months. Thank goodness we have quite a few sizes to work with. We have been really lucky in that one of my sorority sisters has loaned us a lot of beautiful smocked dresses and bubble outfits that her daughter wore (the 8 month pictures is one). For the all in ones, some are a little big on her but she needs it for the length. We are still having trouble with shoes. We can't really find them to fit (skinny foot) and when we do, the right shoe/sock doesn't stay on. Good thing she is somewhat hot nature and needs to let her sweaty feet air out. 

Eating: Elly is still a good eater (when she is feeling well). She will eat cereal and fruit for breakfast around 7:30-8 and drink a little milk afterwards if she is not too full. At 11:30 she drinks 8 ounces of milk and 6ounces at 3:00pm. At 6pm she eats cereal again and vegetables as well as gets a few puffies. At 7:45-8 she gets another 8 ounces of milk. We also started a mid mornings snack of yogurt at 10:00 as she was interested in it when some of her classmates in Mother's Day out where eating more food. She has been a little sick the last few days with the crazy weather so she hasn't been eating quite as much. She will definitely let you know when she is ready to eat and when she is done. Pop (Elly's grandfather) says she looks like a bird when she eats as she opens her mouth so wide! We are still giving her baby Zantac for her acid reflux. It's one nasty medicine but she's pretty good about taking it...with a few faces. 

Sleep schedule: She is FINALLY sleeping through the night! It only took 8 months!! Elly goes down for the night after her bath and bottle, typically around 8pm. She is still not a good napper (unless we are moving) but is usually a very happy baby either way. We try to get in a 30 minute nap or so in the morning between 9-10 and then another short nap around 5pm. Her long nap is around noon on the days she doesn't go to mother's day out and around 1:30 on the days that she does. Those naps will last anywhere between 1-3 hours, just depending.
 Playing: Elly has also really enjoyed going to Mother's Day Out. She is still going Monday and Wednesdays when school is in session from 9:30-1:30. She gets so excited when we are walking in to building and she just LOVES her teachers, Ms Charlotte and Ms Brenda. 
Elly has also been playing in her room quite a bit more. She will go in their and play with her books,  pull her diapers off her changing table and entertain herself for a few minutes. Sometimes it gets REALLY quite in there and when I go check on her, she usually has a sly grin on her face like she is up to no good.

Which book shall I choose?

 It was Pop's birthday and Elly wanted to wish him a Happy Birthday so she asked to send this picture to him ;-).

We have had a busy month with lots of SEC football. Elly supported her Tigers against Alabama, even though they didn't get the WIN.   She did get excited with her other tigers beat Georgia in an AWESOME game. She can't wait for the Iron Bowl and hopefully see them stomp those big ole elephants.

 We had our first ridiculously cold day so we needed to bust out Elly's puffy jacket. She looked so cute all bundled up. Thanks to Margaret for letting us borrow her precious little coat!

We are looking forward to a great holiday season celebrating with friends and family!

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