Saturday, November 2, 2013

Happy Halloween

Halloween has come and gone. I will say that it's not a holiday that I particularly enjoy (Aaron and I aren't big costume people), but it was a lot of fun getting Elly dressed up and seeing all the little kids. Elly dressed as Piglet for her first Halloween. I made her costume and really enjoyed getting to be crafty. She had a little pick t-shirt that I ironed on hot pink rick rack, hot pink leggings, a hot pink, light pink and white tutu with a tail and some pink ears! She really was precious and didn't mind having the tutu or the ears on.

Little piglet
We started off the evening going to see Aaron's parent's, Hen and Grampy. Elly had so much fun getting to see them and play for a little bit.


Flying piglet

After we left Hen and Grampy's we met up with the Latham's and let the girls enjoy a little trick or treating. Elly was a little unsure at first of Sarah because she didn't recognize her with her cute pumpkin hat on....and it was dark outside she didn't know what was going on. Once she warmed up a bit she had a good time watching all the kids trick or treat. It started to rain a bit but Elly was well covered.
Warming up to Sarah and her adorable pumpkin costume!

Piglet ready to trick or treat....Pacey and all.

Happy Halloween from Piglet, Wonder Woman and the Pumpkin :-)
Elly even scored a great Halloween bucket with lots of goodies from Hen and Grampy!

Looking for all my goodies

These look like fun

All gone!
We all had a great time and can't wait to celebrate more holidays!
Happy Halloween from the Fingars!

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