Thursday, October 31, 2013

First trip to Phi Mu Headquarters

As most of you know, I volunteer for Phi Mu working with our newest chapters as well as we don't live very far from Phi Mu's Headquarters in Peachtree City, Georgia. So last week, Elly, Mrs. Mary and I made a day trip to PTC to do a little work with the headquarters staff and consultants. It was the first time that Elly has been to the HQ! She was a doll!!! It's about a 2.5 hour drive and for the most part she slept the entire way there and back. Elly played on the floor, ate, helped answer the phone with our receptionist, Sue, and got to meet lots of Phi Mu sisters. Different sisters would come and get Elly and then next thing I knew, they had disappeared somewhere in the building. Thanks to everyone for taking a little Elly time so I could get some work done!

 Overall we had a very productive day and Elly seems to enjoy the trip. Can't wait for the next time that we get to visit. By then she will probably be running the halls of the building! (And hopefully we will get a few more pictures next go around. Just to busy getting work done!)

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