Thursday, October 10, 2013

A remarkable woman!

This past weekend we traveled down to Louisiana to celebrate the life of one remarkable woman, Granny Vi or better known to Elly as GG Vi. Though we wish we had a better reason to head to Louisiana it was nice to see all of our family.
Elly and GG Vi 

4 Generations

The celebration of life was a great remembrance of how special Granny Vi was and how she has impacted so many people. Through her 90 years of life, she has left a legacy of service with over 50,000 hours that she gave volunteering at Slidell Memorial Hospital as well as all the organizations that she has been involved with over the years giving of her time, money and talents - American Red Cross, Slidell Women's Civic Club, Ozone Camellia Club, International Order of Rainbow for Girls, just to name a few. We have all been blessed to get to have her in our lives for so long. Her love to dance and have a good time has been passed down to us all, including Elly. It's funny but even at 7 months, I see some of Granny Vi in Elly. They both LOVE to watch the weather and of course wouldn't miss Wheel of Fortune. I feel very fortunate that Granny Vi was able to meet Elly. And though Elly might not remember GG Vi as she gets older, I know that the stories and pictures that we show her are priceless.

All of Granny Vi's grandchildren at Angela and Eric's engagement party in May

Mother's Day 2013

Grandchildren celebrating Mother's Day in 2013

Granny Vi having a blast "singing" with all the usher's from my wedding

Partying it up at the Slidell Women's Civic Club Mardi Gras Ball in 2011

We will terribly miss Granny Vi but know that she is dancing away and keeping a close watch over all of us to make sure that we are protected! We love you Granny Vi!

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  1. So sorry to hear about your Granny! I know you will always hold those precious memories close to your heart!