Friday, October 11, 2013

First Family Vacation!

Elly finally made it to the beach! We traveled to Seaside, Florida the middle of September for a little family vacation with the Latham's - Jeff, Lauren, Anna Kate and Sarah. We had so much fun and it was perfect timing - not to mention the best weather! We had 2 great days and then on Saturday it rained most of the day - but by then I was OK with that having been to the beach and pool for two days with a six month old! Elly loved the pool but was a little bit unsure of the beach and sand. When she was in the pool and you told her to kick her feet, she definitely started to kick. I can't wait for next year when she is a little bigger and can enjoy it a little more.
Bikini babe!

Checking out what this ocean is all about with Daddy

Loving the pool! Daddy flipped my hat up to start a new trend.

Day 2 at the beach - I got this!

Playing in the sand....and maybe tasted a little bit of it ;-)

Elly really enjoyed getting to play with Anna Kate and Sarah and we are looking forward to getting to do it again. I can definitely see Elly and Sarah getting into all sorts of things as they get older!

Sweet Anna Kate swimming with Elly

Taking a break and sitting in the shade while on the beach

Pretty Girls

We tried to take some family pictures one night but it was so windy! We got a few but everyone's hair was all crazy...well just mine. 

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