Sunday, October 20, 2013

Happy Fall Y'all - 7 months

Elly's Stats & Accomplishments
16 pounds (on our home scale)
27 inches (mommy measuring)
  Six month recap:
Weight: 15 pounds, 11.5 ounces
26 1/2 inches
Attacking the 7 month sticker

Bright eyes

Attributes: We still aren't sure what color hair Elly is going to end up with. I swear it gets a little more red each day depending on the light that we are end. Here's hoping that I get to keep my little red head.

Milestones: Elly is off and crawling! She loves to go exploring around the house. Her favorite was crawling in the hall and playing with the flashlight that stayed plugged in as a night light. Needless to say that has been replaced and a plug cover put over the outlet. However, she still crawls in the hall and plays with the cover now. She has also started pulling up on things. One morning I walked in to get her up and found her standing in her bed, in her swaddle sack. That girl is a mess. Aaron also put up her pack n play for her to play in a little during the day while I was out of town for work....he calls it baby jail ;-).

Daddy's Baby Jail

She also stills LOVES to jump! She will jump on you, in the basket at the store and of course in her Baby Einstein bouncy. 

Enjoying the fall weather at the park.

Clothes: Elly is mainly wearing 3-6 month clothes but she does still have a few 0-3 month ones that she wears. We do have a few 9 month cloths as well but again for the most part because of her length we are in the 6 month clothes. We are still trying to find shoes to fit her but so far not a lot of luck. I think we have 1 or 2 pairs. She isn't the best fan shoes, especially on the right foot ;-). She can't keep that foot on.

Sporting my KEDS
Eating: After a few days of not feeling well she is back to eating like a big girl! She eats apple/banana cereal with 1/2 of #2 fruit and occasionally a little bit of milk. At 11:30-12:00 she has 8 ounces of formula. At 3:00 she has 6 ounces of milk. For dinner she has normal rice cereal and 1/2 of #2 vegetable. At 8:00-8:15pm she has 8 ounces of formula before bed. We are looking forward to starting some other snack foods and finger foods the next few months. I think Elly is really going to enjoy eating them. I will say she is like her daddy in that she is done eating in 2.2 seconds.

Sleep schedule: Elly still isn't a great sleeper but we are improving! We started self soothing and Elly still wakes up in the middle of  the night but makes comforting noises and eventually goes back to sleep. Hopefully she will start making it threw the night. She is still taking a few short naps during the day (15-45 minutes) and then one long nap around 12:00, pending if she is at Mother's Day Out, for 2-3 hours. Hopefully as she gets older she will continue to get better with her sleep. I just feel so bad because sometimes I can tell she is so tired but just won't go down to sleep. 

  Since I was gone for her birthday, Aaron decided to celebrate with her! Such a good daddy. 

Birthday present from daddy - Monkey book!
Birthday hat and balloon

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