Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Happy One Month Birthday!

I can't believe that Elly is already a month old. We have been getting into the swing of things more as time is flying by.

Happy One Month Birthday to me!

Elly's Stats and Accompishments
Weight: 8 pounds
Height: 21 inches
She is in the 25% for weight and 75% for height. 
(I think we are going to have a long and lean little girl)
Birth weight: 6 pounds, 13 ounces and 20 inches long

She is holding her head up well for a 1 month old and we are continuing to do tummy time with her. She is very inquisitive and LOVES to look around (though we are not sure what she is looking at or can see but at least she is awake and looking around. 
We are still wearing newborn diapers and some of the newborn clothes are still to big. Though we have graduated from our newborn onesies to the 3 month ones. 

She has gotten better with her sleep and we seem to be on a good 3 hour cycle (give or take 30 minutes). She has gone 4-5 hours between feedings on a few nights which has been nice. We are trying to figure out what the magic thing is to keep that up and think it might be giving her a bottle on the last feeding before bed. We are in the process of testing this out but we think that might be it. Fingers crossed as it's been nice to get more than 2 hours of sleep consecutively. 

We have been enjoying the weather while it's been a bit cooler and going for little walks. The pollen has been so strong that we ended up having to stop walking outdoors until some of the pollen got washed away. We think that Elly is going to have a bit of sinus issues as she has been quite stuffy and sounds congested at times. We have started sleeping with her humidifier and that seems to help some. 

Ready for my walk!

We also think that Elly has been suffering a bit from acid re-flux  (She can thank her dad for that as well). We are hoping that finding a wedge to put in her bed will help. Right now we have a t'shirt folded under the mattress to help elevate it a bit. It helps sometimes but is not as elevated as a wedge would be. Hopefully we can get this under control pretty soon. 

I head back to work on Monday so Elly and I have been enjoying our time together. Just hanging out and of course taking lots of pictures

Hanging with mom

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