Thursday, April 25, 2013

Elly's latest adventures

Well since our last post, we have been busy getting ready for me to head back to work. Elly got to visit Birmingham-Southern and meet all my old co-workers. It's funny to see college students around a baby. Next time, I'll have to make sure I take a few pictures of the visit.

We have continued to work on Elly's schedule and for the most part she seems to be doing better. She is on a 3-4 hour eating schedule with a few 5 hour stints at night. She eats about 4 ounces at a feeding and since Aaron has started to give her an expressed bottle at night, she has been sleeping a bit more (though I think it's time to up the ounces to 5 in that bottle). Elly now weighs 8 pounds, 10 ounces and we have progressed to #1 diapers - they are still a little big looking on her but nothing leaks out so we are good. We have also found her scooting all around in the bassinet and ends up sideways in the morning.

Sleeping sideways in my bassinet (of course I have to be in my swaddle sack)

Hopefully the wedge that we ordered will help not only with her acid re-flux and breathing but keeping her in one place. That girl can't keep still, thus why she still has to sleep in the swaddle sack. I did find she had moved so much that she had her arm out of the head opening this morning. She's non stop.....I can only imagine when she starts crawling/walking what it's going to be like.

One thing is for sure, Ellyson doesn't have a problem making dirty diapers. She definitely knows how to fill those suckers leaving lots of wonderful (insert sarcasm here) presents for mom and dad. She has definitely christened mom and dad both already. However this past weekend was her best one yet. I decided to change her diaper as I thought she had finished doing her thing. But I was wrong as she was not finished doing her thing and shot poopy clear across the room - all over the changing table, me, her, and the carpet (and almost made it to the wall). Needless to say, mom has learned her lesson to make sure that Elly has finished before changing her diaper.

We have been enjoying this nice weather with some shopping at the Summit (teaching her early) and getting lots of visitors, which we LOVE.

I started back work this week and Elly has been pretty good in cooperating with my schedule and meetings. For the most part I have been able to time meetings with her sleep schedule and my co-workers have been GREAT in working with my schedule. So blessed to work with such amazing people.

Not too many pictures this week but we will definitely have more to come in the next few weeks/months as Elly's baptism is May 12 and she will be traveling to Orlando in June for a week.

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  1. She looks like a little catepillar in her swaddle sack :)