Sunday, June 16, 2013

3 months old....already

I can't believe that Elly is already 3 months old. Time if flying by! She has steadily been growing and really coming into her own personality. We don't go back to see Dr. McMillian until next month so all the stats are not technically official.

Elly's Stats & Accomplishments
Weight: 10 pounds, 9 ounces
Height: 24 inches
Not sure what percentile she's in but I can say she is probably in the lower percentile for weight.
Two month recap:
Weight: 9 pounds, 13 ounces
Height: 23 inches
Sweet Baby Girl!

I love sticking my tongue out. It's a game we play. 
Attributes: Her hair is still looking like it's going to be a nice auburn color. I can't wait for it to grow some more so we will know for sure. Those big eyes are still bright blue! YAY. Elly's hands and feet are getting bigger and we are hoping that some of her shoes start to fit soon. She does seem to have sweaty hands and feet so I guess it's good that they are all to big right now so her feet can air out!
Hair is slowly growing

Cute little feet!

Sweet hands!
Milestones: She has really been holding her head up well AND wants to sit up. When she's propped up or sitting/laying in the Monkey bouncer or car seat, she is lifting her head trying to sit all the way up. She's ready to take off. Elly is doing well grabbing at the toys hanging from her play mat and absolutely loves holding on to a  blanket or Lucy!

Sitting like a big girl in the Bumbo chair

Elly also LOVES to put her hands in her mouth and is drooling a lot. No teeth yet but the amount of drool coming out of her mouth surely makes you think that some teeth are coming soon. Prayers for that one! Elly talking so much more now. I think we are going to have a little social butterfly on our hands. 
Yummy Hands!

Clothes: Elly is still wearing newborn clothes, though we have progressed to wearing some 3 month clothes. Other 3 months are too big and we even have 1 or 2 newborn outfits that are now too small! All of the newborn onesies have been packed away! YAY! Hopefully we will continue to grow so she can finally wear some of her cute clothes. 

Though Aaron swears she will be an Auburn fan, we had to post a picture in her LSU Cutie outfit. It's a bit big but still had to support on team as they play in the College World Series. Now to get some more LSU clothes for her as she currently has more Auburn clothes, and we just can't have that. 

Geaux Tigers!

Sleep Schedule: This is still a work in progress. For the most part she sleeps between 5-6 hours a night and then wakes up to eat and goes back to sleep again. On a few nights she is up about every hour and a half, looking for her pacey and then will go back to sleep. She doesn't stop moving at night and even woke up from a nap with her nightgown over her head. Such a wiggle worm. Last week, we thought our air conditioner was broken so didn't put her nightgown and just kept her in her diaper. We still put her in her sack so she would sleep and low and behold, that was one of the longest times she has slept. Since then, she doesn't sleep in a nightgown, only her diaper and a sack and seems happy about that. Elly also enjoys lounging in our bed and catching up on the news in the morning while I am getting dressed, etc. She's already taking over the bed. 

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