Friday, June 7, 2013

Finally sleeping in the crib

Well we finally moved Elly into her baby crib. Thank goodness as this child does not stop moving and wiggling at night and we really need to try to get her to sleep more at night (it was beginning to take it's toll on mommy and daddy). She has done fairly well in the crib as she spends more nights sleeping in there. The last few nights she has slept between 5-6 hours in one stretch between feedings! Yay Elly!! We are hoping that this is the start of a trend for her to sleep longer and longer at night. I have also gotten more strict with her nap schedule and she is taking a long nap in the morning and one late in the evening (1-2 hour nap) and a few shorter naps during the day (20-45 minutes). This has also seemed to help her sleeping quite a bit. The girl needs her rest.

Sleeping in her crib for a nap...with Lucy the Ladybug

Wiggled so much during her nap that her nightgown moved up over her head

Loves sleeping on my Daddy

Such a sweet daddy letting Elly sleep on him

Elly also started sitting in her bumbo chair as she has been holding her head up so well these days. She even lifts her head and tries to sit up when she is in her car seat or laying down. She's becoming such a big girl!

We have also been venturing out to dinner a little bit more after a feeding. Elly LOVES to look around and see what all is going on. She is very curious..... Recently we went to Outback and the booth they sat us in wouldn't fit her carseat. So we propped it up and she was in heaven getting to look around and watch everything. It was too cute!

Her personality has definitely begun to come through and is laughing and giggling so much more. Mornings are her best time but this video was taken one night when we were playing.

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