Saturday, June 29, 2013

First trip to Orlando

Well we survived our first trip to Orlando. I had to go for work and was going to be gone for 7 days, 6 nights so Elly decided to come with me. Of course we had to bring some Elly watchers with us and Aunt Angela, Auntie Chrissy and Gram Lene were able to help out and make the trip as well. Elly did great on the plane to and from Orlando (our plane was packed so she had to sit on my lap but it worked out well). She really enjoyed getting to see all my co-workers that she hears on the phone all the time and spend extra time with Aunt Angela, Auntie Chrissy and Gram Lene.

We had a few meltdowns during the trip but mostly because she was tired and not really taking long naps - even though we would try to get her too! She also went swimming for the first time with Gram Lene and I was told that she LOVED it! I hate that I missed this and can't wait to take her myself.

We are happy to be back home and hopefully getting her back on some type of schedule. She still doesn't like to sleep at night so we are trying any and everything to get her to sleep longer at night.

Here are some of the pictures from our trip. Elly didn't get to see Mickey or Minnie as when they made their surprise appearance at the convention she was either asleep for the night or out and about (and their were WAY too many people and I think she would have been overwhelmed). I can't wait to take her back when she's older (definitely not during the summer though)!
Auntie Chrissy and Elly chilling at the pool in style

Auntie Chrissy took such good care of Elly!

Sporting my little crown mom brought me from the banquet

Hanging out in front of the Lego factory at Downtown Disney

Aunt Angela was so great taking care of me! I was sad to see her leave on Saturday

I think I look adorable in a crown. I might just have to get a bigger one!

Gram Lene made sure to keep me nice and clean while I was  in Orlando

Sporting my hat with Miss Tiffany (mom's co-worker) after the Mad Hatter's Luncheon. 

Elly just talked and talked to Auntie Chrissy. They were definitely having some serious conversations

Elly was dressed up to attend the Festival of Lights closing banquet but had a little meltdown. She had all her purple on and was ready to go. 

Elly's "jail" for sleeping while in the hotel. She did fairly well given the child doesn't really sleep at night. 

Gram Lene was in heaven getting to spend so much time with Elly

Just missing mommy in this picture :-(

Elly's bathtub for the week. 

Still had to sport a little Phi Mu while at Tri Sigma's convention. 

Sporting my purple and pearls for Tri Sigma

And don't forget the sailboats!

Sunbathing beauty

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