Thursday, September 18, 2014

18 months

I can't believe we are celebrating 18 months already! Ellyson is growing and definitely coming in to her own personality. Here is what she's been up to lately!

Weight: 22.8 pounds
Height: 32.5 inches
15 month recap
Weight: 21.5 pounds
Height: 30.8 inches

We are still around the 50% for weight and height and her pediatrician was pleased with her growth. I do think that she will start growing a bit more now that she has more teeth (almost 10 and of that she has 4 molars....still missing the top front teeth). She is willing to try more new foods but it's been interesting in that she is better at trying them when she is with other people or we are out. Some of her favorites are pancakes, strawberries, bananas, instant mac n cheese (not crazy about homemade), rice, peanut butter sandwiches, cheese sandwiches. We started to introduce meat again and she actually liked it this time. She has had Vienna sausage (Aaron has to give it to her) and then some chicken. She also tried a piece of hamburger meat at a family BBQ but hasn't eaten any since. We have tried spaghetti but she's not a fan at the moment. She LOVES snacks. From Cheerios to Gold Fishes to Veggie Straws. If the girl could snack all day, she would. 

We are down to just a bottle before bed and she drinks water and juice throughout the day. She does not like milk in her sippy cup. She will drink one or two sips and then either goes to playing with it or spitting it out. Girl is picky. 

Elly has become obsessed with bracelets! Whether they are her play ones or her favorite, going into my jewelry box and pulling the all out, she will put 15 on at once and walk around the house with them up to her elbow. It's the cutest thing ever!
Playing with mommy's bracelets

Sporting bracelets and a necklace
 You can tell that Elly is getting older and entering into that Terrible 2 age group. She is definitely not listening very well and will look straight at you as you tell her no and do it anyway. I found her sitting on the dishwasher door one morning when I came back into the kitchen. Now she likes to open and close the dishwasher. Unfortunately ours doesn't have a lock and she's figured out where the handle is and just spends the day opening and closing it and pushing the buttons, even when she gets in trouble. Doesn't phase her one bit 

 She is really liking to color, stack blocks, dance, take pictures of herself with the phone and watch her PBS shows - especially on the iPad. I had to make her a play list on my phone so we could have "dance party" to her favorite songs. She is a HUGE Iggy Azalea fan along with Katy Perry, Eminem and Rhianna. It's an interesting mix of songs but her face just lights up with them come on...especially Fancy by Iggy. She also loves to grab Aaron or I's phone and then walks around the house saying "cheese" and smiling as she tries to take pictures. (Key word is tries as they are usually pictures of the floor, ceiling or no telling....but with her in them). Elly also likes to watch her PBS shows still, but this time she has figured out how to work the PBS Kids app on the iPad. Now she won't watch the whole show but scrolls up and down to the various ones she likes listening to the opening song and dancing. The girl is a mess!


Doing some work at mommy's desk

Coloring and taking notes
 We are still all over the place with clothes. She can wear anything from a 9 month dress to some 2T t-shirts. MOST of her clothes that she wears on a regular basis are 12-18 months. She needs the smaller bottoms as most of the 18 months fall off of her. We are still struggling a bit with shoes as I bought a few pair and then her foot grew. She currently wears about a 3 as most 4 are a little too big unless it has a strap to tighten. Her hair is still light brown with a hint of red. I really think it's going to be strawberry blonde in the end. It is growing but more in the back than anything. AND she has the cutest little the middle with straight on the sides. It's gotten long enough to even put it in a ponytail. 

We are looking forward to seeing what the next 3 months bring and how much Ellyson comes more into her personality each day. She is strong willed and very hard headed but I wouldn't change her sweet demeanor for anything. She is for the most part always happy and smiling and will go and play with just about anyone. She is truly a joy to watch grow and the antics she comes up with. Elly will definitely continue to keep her daddy and I on our toes!


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  1. So sweet! She is growing so fast! When we were trying to transition Trey from bottles to sippies of milk he refused milk in a sippy also. Our pedi told us to put a little carnation instant breakfast powder in with it. I swear it worked like a charm!!! But now he's obsessed with the CIB and calls it his "drink" and won't drink milk without it! So caution with that but it definitely worked! ;)