Thursday, September 18, 2014

Beach Vacation

We were finally able to get to the beach for Labor Day! We weren't sure if it was going to work out but we were able to go for a LONG weekend and got to hang out with lots of our family. Gram Lene, Auntie Chrissy, Aunt Angela, Uncle Eric, Aunt Bubby and Uncle Ray were all able to join us for the holiday weekend. At first we thought the weather wasn't going to cooperate with us but it ended up being SO nice. I really don't think that we could have asked for any better weather. 
We arrived on Thursday which allowed us to go to the store and get settled. Elly was great in the car for the 4.5 hour car ride. You could tell she was getting a bit restless but she seemed to make her self at home. 

Since everyone else was arriving Friday or Saturday, we spent Friday morning hanging by the pool and Elly LOVED getting to play in the splash pad. 

Lounging in the pool!

Kicking with Dada

Showing Dada her swimming's skills that she learned at swimming lessons

She just LOVED the splash pad.

Friday afternoon we took a walk on the beach. At first Elly wasn't 100% sure about but once we started walking and seeing the birds, she was good. The water was really rough (red flag) so she really could only put her feet in (which is fine by me. I like the beach am not crazy about the ocean so I think I would have gotten majorly nervous for her). 

Walking down the pier with Dada. And yes his shirt says "Best friend and the stick man is holding a beer"

Pointing at the birds

Checking out those waves! But she is making sure that she had her daddy's hand.

Just LOVE those little feet in the sand

Leaving her mark.
 We were excited for everyone to get to Orange Beach so we could all swim and play in the sand. Elly really enjoyed getting to eat her breakfast on the balcony and even colored a few pictures outside. 

Elly had so much fun getting to swim with Aunt Lala, Aunt Bubby, Auntie Chrissy and Gram Lene. 

Elly loved getting to play with everyone in the pool!

She just kept wanting to move!

Having a little snack on the beach.


Enjoying watching the waves with Gram Lene and Auntie Chrissy

Selfie with mama

Diva sporting her yellow polka dot bikini and sunglasses

Selfie with Aunt Lala

While we were at the beach it was the first weekend of college football. Elly sported her Auburn t-shirt during the day and then of course had to put her cute LSU dress on. She decided she needed to lounge while Uncle Eric was finishing cooking dinner. 

While we were at the beach I finally got to meet sweet Lucy Babin as the Babin's were also at the beach. We met up with them at Lulu's and had a blast. Now the place was packed and it was interesting having 3 kids under 3 but it was so nice to see them, even if just for a short time. The food was great - even getting it to go! Looking forward to the next time that we can see them and hopefully we will have a little longer for everyone to play!


More Hugs

Fast friends and already sharing snacks

Friends for almost 20 years!

 We were sad for the trip to end and are looking forward to the next time we can all get together. 

Not the best family picture, but the only one we got :-(

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