Sunday, September 14, 2014

Summer Fun!

This summer has been super busy for the Fingars. With visitors and swimming lessons and McWane Science Center and a new summer "school", time has definitely flown by for Elly!

So let's see if we can hit on the highlights of Elly's summer.


Elly has always loved the water and we knew that we wanted her to start swimming lessons. So we signed up at the YMCA for the parent and child class. Elly absolutely LOVED it! She had as much fun getting to play in the water - kick, jump and blow bubbles. We did learn one thing though, we will have to sign her up for private swim lessons moving forward as she kept paying attention to what everyone else was doing in the pool. And ask you know, there are LOTS of things going on in a swimming pool.

We joined the Y for the month of July and Elly and I went swimming a few times as well as she was able to go when Gram Lene and Auntie Chrissy were in town. I think we will have to look into joining for the entire summer next year or look into a big inflatable pool for the back yard.


Elly's normal "school" at Meadow Brook Baptist Church doesn't do a summer program and we needed one for Elly. Not only for her to get to play and socialize, but so that I could get some work done during the day. Elly went for 6 weeks to Riverchase Methodist Church's Mother's Day Out program. and had so much fun. From the first day when we participated in car pool and she just let them take her out of her seat - no problem until the last day of school, she loved every minute with Ms Landi and Ms Zena. We are so lucky that Elly loves to go to school and that we have a great back up at Riverchase. 


We decided to go to the McWane Science Center one Saturday to let Elly play now that she is more interested in various things but especially seeing how things work and stacking blocks. When we got there the line was super long and come to find out, the internet had gone down so they were having to manually enter everyone's payments. Once we were finally able to get in, Elly had a blast. She loved checking things out with her daddy - especially anything with water. 

She went grocery shopping and got a carrot and bacon.

Oooh - sporting her McWane sticker

Family selfie in the elevator - Bad Dada making a face

Petting the baby shark with daddy.


Elly has now figured out how to climb into my office chair when we are in the basement - which is my office, her play space and Aaron's man cave. She even knows which button turns the computer on and off.

Working hard

Taking a break with mommy

Elly's infatuation with bracelets still continues and has added necklaces to that. She found a Saint's Mardi Gras bead and wore it for 2 days straight. She's just the cutest when she has bracelets up to her elbow and a purse on the other hand.


 We had quite a few visitors this summer. Gram Lene and Auntie Chrissy came to visit in June and a week in July while I attended Phi Mu's convention as well as Pops came in August. We had so much fun getting to visit with everyone and taking pictures.
Eating out with Pops

While Gram Lene and Auntie Chrissy were here in June, we celebrated Gram Lene's birthday and in July they had fun swimming , swinging and shopping.

At the pool with Auntie Chrissy

Swinging with Auntie Chrissy

Celebrating Gram Lene's birthday
Elly also had Popsicles for the first time, an ICEE and we were able to put her hair in the ponytail.

Enjoying her first popscicle at the start of the summer. Now she's a pro at eating them.

We can make a ponytail. Though the front is still short, there is lots to work with in the back.

Yummy strawberry lemonade ICEE!

The summer has flown by and I am sure that there are things that we missed but overall it was a great three months. More to come on Elly's trip to the beach and 18 month update!

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